السبت، 13 مارس 2010

Whatever U think Think the Opposite

The title is

Whatever You Think ... Think The Opposite

To everyone out there i recommend reading this book, it is very simple, wonderfull and a very inspiaring book

الجمعة، 22 يناير 2010

A Delusion

" I fell in love with the dream that I built of you
playing the part of the queen
taking my own advice
I'm giving up tonight
good luck to you and the king "

john is my fav. i love his songs ;p

الثلاثاء، 19 يناير 2010


Hi everyone

I know it's been a while

Following up on my last post, I would like you to know that I have successfully done my job in sleeping and waking up this past week. Although its kinnda hard but I have committed ;)

Now my new subject:

The heart

This little flesh that’s beating in everyone could have an immense load of feelings, they could be contradicted, they can be devastating, wonderful, and magical… the list just goes on & on.

What if I tell you that the {PEACE} of the heart is the master feeling.

And to achieve that, one must think at a higher level, and have a higher level of awareness.

You're probably wondering... What the Hell he's talking about!

Well, to keep it simple… you have to focus on the {NOW} and neglect all the bad thoughts wondering in your head, so that you can be conscious of what's happening in your life, and concentrate on your goals ;)

By the time you reach this stage, you would have achieved {PEACE} in your little heart ;)

Have a nice day

الثلاثاء، 12 يناير 2010

Spontaneous Observation

This is my 1st out-of-the-ordinary subject

I was on going thru the internet & somthing cught my eyes, here it is:

"In R/C Car Action's "World's Fastest RC Car Challenge" the official record is 134.4 set on July 30th. Don't blink or you'll miss it in this video"

Well, aperantly they havn't seen kuwait streets specialy in the morning where everyone is racing to his job... including me ;p

This drags us to another subject, "waking up", I try hard waking up in time but it seems like no matter what I do I end up waking up (not late but) at the last minute.

I think that people tend to have this mental clock that wakes them up without the help of the alarm clock, wish i had one ;p

From now & on I'll make a pledge to you.. yes you.. who ever is reading this..
I'll wake up 6:55am sharp ;) for a week, to see what will change, not just that but I'll try sleeping 11:45pm too & will keep you posted for the news :)

This is all i have for today 13 january 2010
Thank you

الاثنين، 11 يناير 2010

Somthing To Think About

You get in life what you feel about what you think most of the time

الخميس، 7 يناير 2010

When it comes to dealing with any bad situation most people remmeber the saying "when life gives you lemones make lemonade" , well.. personally, I think that there's a step missing!! it is "to accept and acknowledge the lemons before making the lemonade" most people -when facing a bad situation- tend to enter "the denail phase", actually it is not that easy to recognize or feel this dangerous phase, but when you know that you are in this phase, a sudden crash with the truth will arise & you'll learn to accept things as they are. this creates the feel that you do not need to go any further and you'll be statisfied without.... the lemonade!!


Hi everyone I am USiF
welcome to my blog hope you have a good time :)